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Saturday, February 13, 2010

PQ: A Journal for Contemporary Photography

Please check out the new issue of PQ
where the exhibit "Converging Margins" is reviewed.

New York City-based Miles Ladin photographs the annual fashion shows at Bryant Park and the after parties attended by the “rich and famous.” To the men and women attending these exclusive functions, being photographed is an event which ultimately leads to an appearance in a prestigious magazine, an occurrence far more significant than the party itself. Published celebrity images in general become a symbol of status for the subject and a contemporary means for idol worship to the audience. Ladin subverts this ritual and through his images invites us to contemplate the humorous foibles of those he photographs. Amidst the jostling of photographers and posturing of guests (and vice-versa), Ladin’s images explore the idea of self-declared marginalization from mainstream society due to fame, money, or ego. Ladin examines mediocre clichés about beauty, success or even how to feel about one's own life, which is a stark contrast to the typical paparazzi images usually published. By holding up a mirror to those who see themselves as “fabulous”, the photographer offers us his subjective critique on the consequences of fame and beauty.
---Leah Oates and Ariel Shanberg

to order a copy contact the Center for Photography at Woodstock


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