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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Permanent Print Collection @ Center for Photography at Woodstock

My photograph BLASS & CO. was recently acquired by the Center for Photography at Woodstock's Permanent Print Collection at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz. An exhibition titled "Recent Additions to the Permanent Print Collection"
took place in Woodstock from March thru May of this year.

The curator Maggie Smith wrote in her exhibition statement:
Miles Ladin (NYC) specializes in creating portraits of the rich and famous at high profile events and parties. While his photographs are mostly candid, his subjects have a strong familiarity with the camera. As celebrities, they are acutely aware and controlling of their self-image, creating a tension between the unguarded moment and their predilection to control their public image. The heightened sense of voyeurism in Ladin’s photographs takes the issue of looking at others and turns it into a social commentary about celebrity and our obsession with it. In Blass & Co., the camera angles distort the subjects and create an atmosphere of instability; combined with the high contrasts of the image, his subjects seem almost unnatural and grotesque. Ladin is also commenting on the public and its obsessive need to scrutinize and involve themselves in the lives of celebrities - we are drawn to his images because the subjects are familiar and we are hungry to know more (gossip).


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